Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What do you think?

Can you follow this?
According to one theory, time is infinite no beginning no end. Does this mean that what we consider the past, present and future are all existing or happening at the same time so to speak? On different planes or dimensions? This would mean that would mean that our infant self is existing at the same time time as our 16 year old, our 60 year old. Each second of our life would live infinitely. Then when life as we know it it ends, our physical death as we call it what happens to our life force, spirit? Does it just now exist as nothingness forever or infinity? Is it recycled as a new life, reincarnation? If there is reincarnation and in following with the earlier idea that past, present and future are all existing at once does this mean that reincarnation can be, past or future? I rule out coming back in what would be considered our “present” time since the universe does seem to have rules, and one is no two things can occupy the same space at the same time, so I don't believe our life force can be in multiple beings in the “present”. Therefore that leaves the past or the future. Perhaps in the course of many lives over infinity we have gone back and forth from the future to the past and the past to the future. This may be one reason when we meet certain people we feel like we know them and perhaps we knew them in a past or future life. The reason I say we may have reincarnated from the future to the past is think about some of the amazing things that happened in our prehistoric days. Who developed cooking over fire and why? Leonardo da Vinci invented things and designed things in the 1500's that couldn't be used or built until the technology required was developed. I've seen where people have said perhaps he was a time traveler from the future who got stuck there. Perhaps the universe had him reincarnated at that time from the future to guide where technology was to go to help humankind. The same way someone was sent back to teach us how to cook, and to build and to heal. Perhaps this is how we are guided by the universe. Since time is infinite and we (our life force) not necessarily as humans keep building and destroying civilizations and worlds as we search to become one with the universe. Which may never happen.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Biker = ATM

Biker = ATM???

Bikers are among the most generous groups of people in America. This in itself is a very good thing. The issue I see with it is that we are being used and abused by most charities out there. They care nothing about the wants, needs, life styles of bikers, they only care about us as an ATM or money machine.
Do we ever see these “charity people” at a biker event supporting bikers? No.
In the old days we took care of our own. A brother or sister went down, we set up an event to help them. A member of a bikers family had an issue got sick, lost a job. Hey, they are family we did what we could to help them out. That's what it was. A biker loved animals, or veterans and there was a local volunteer charity that needed help, a run would be setup. We all supported each other in the biker community which is how it should be.
Word of this got out and the professional scam artists, I mean the CEO's of charities making 6 figure incomes saw this and decided to give themselves a raise by tapping bikers bank accounts, the generosity of the biker community.

To this extent they hired PR people to build “fantastic must go on rides” and use the MSM to build them up. Did you ever stop and think that you pay say $50 for the driver and passenger, you get a meal, they claim its a good one with trophies and other little things. So your $50 goes for the meal, police, the CEO's salary and the salary of all the other professionals involved in the run, how much actually goes to the charity, the supposed reason for the ride?

Now what about all those other local rides, someone is sick, someone got hurt, something happened. Have they supported local biker charity events? Have they ever rode a bike? Or are they the ones that call the police and the legislators and complain about the loud pipes, the music, rides going through their towns and that bikers don't wear helmets. But let's fleece the bikers for their money.

You won't find me on any of the above rides.
In my case animals, veterans or any other all volunteer run to help a biker or the family member of a biker going through hard times, that's the ride for me.
Before you go on a ride,take a good hard look at the charity, are they local so you know where the money is going. Are they all volunteer so you know that beside the run expenses, the person, family or group the ride is being held for gets all the rest of the money. And most important are they BIKERS or BIKER FAMILY? If they are, that's the ride and group to help and support. Let the wannabees and the egotists go on the rides for the groups that look down on us until they want our money.

(Don't feel these suggestions are just for bikers. They work for all groups. The main thing is Charity Begins at Home. Find a local, all volunteer charity and support it, not the businesses that call themselves charities.)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rent a live friend

Here's a new business idea I just thought of;
Rent a live friend!!
Tired of only having an online friend, or a friend you only text with? Well here is your chance to have a LIVE friend who you can go for coffee with, or sit in a park and actually talk and exchange ideas with! Yes that is correct an actual face to face in person interaction with a live human being! All this can be yours for the low, low price of $35 per hour. Coffee and food extra. We provide old school bikers, veterans, animal rescue individuals, conservatives, and more! Impress your online and texting friends with pictures of you actually doing something with a live human being!! Be the first in your circle to dare deal with a human face to face!! Contact me for details.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peace within

I believe when a person comes to peace with themselves they have given themselves the greatest gift possible.
Jim Neilson

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Computers saved and ruined the world

I'm typing out this blog and sending it out to the whole world yet check out the title of the post.

In my mind it's true. The world has been saved in that we now have, more and quicker research into health issues, communication systems that can save lives and many things such as that. OK so much for the good.

The problems may out weigh the good. The computer has convinced many people they are smart and competent in their jobs and that's just not true. They may know how to log on to a computer, do a spread sheet, put together a barely coherent email but to actually do their job they don't have a clue. They just follow what is in the procedures they were taught when they took the job. But learn it, improve it, understand how it works so they can go beyond it and think unconventionally, and by doing so maybe contribute something besides a carbon footprint to life forget it. That would require thinking and the computer has relieved human kind of that need. Turn on a computer, a TV, a blackberry what have you in the way of electronic gadgetry and why do you have to think? You don't. All you do is type in a question and the computer answers you. You then do what the computer says to do and you're all set. Perfect robots or cyborgs. Thinking has gone the way of the flint knife, or the bow and arrow it is obsolete. I feel they don't even teach thinking or how to be an individual in school, you ask to many questions make the person that passes for a teacher have to actually think before answering a question, or if you day dream as a kid, or maybe your art is not what is considered the norm. Oh well the computer says we can't have that so you need medication (this generation's lobotomy) and you spend the rest of your time in school looking at pretty images on the computer and drooling.
So with the computer doing all the thinking and medications taking away all free thought where is the next generation of thinkers going to come from? Or are they already here, the ones who write the computers programs, the ones who make you do what the computer says to do. Is a version of the movie "The Matrix" already here? Only we haven't evolved to the pod stage yet.
Why would people want computers to think. Artificial intelligence why? Up until now in recorded history man did the thinking machines did the work. Why would someone want to change it so that people did the work and machines thought? The computer does make a lot of things easier to do. It should be used as an aid to work as a shovel is used instead of digging with your hands, same for a chain saw over an axe but not in place of work or thinking. I pity the up coming generations, where are they going to find their Ben Franklin's, Thomas Jefferson's,Thomas Edison's? Who is going to lead them to the stars, or under the oceans if they can't think their way thru anything, all they can do is follow a computer generated guide.
Hopefully it's not to late.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Barking dogs/females

Ava was barking as usual as I got their food ready this morning but I tuned her out. Ali comes downstairs and tells Ava to be quiet and is looking at me like why don't you hear this and do something. I just smiled and said I tune her out.
She was leaving for work so I didn't finish the thought which is that men from crib days on have learned to tune out barking and yelling females. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

R.I.P. Lady Sasha

R.I.P Lady Sasha April 14 2014.
Lady Sasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge today in our arms.
She rescued me on Feb 26 2011 when she came up from TN through Double Dog Rescue. She joined Nicky a Shepherd and I that day, so until Nicky crossed the bridge it was Czar Nicholas and Lady Sasha. She was by his side when he crossed the Bridge so I know he was there to greet her.
She was such a gentle and dignified dog (hence the Lady title) to all the fosters and permanents that came into her life never a bark or growl just gentleness.
I found out she had been a “Still Dog” down in TN from a truck driver when I told him she barked at helicopters and low flying planes. She guarded either moonshine stills or pot farms.
I always wondered about the rescue dogs I've kept or fostered what did they go through why were they the way they were. I thought Sasha must have had a pretty decent caring life despite being a Still Dog due to her gentle nature with other animals and humans. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. The x-ray that showed us the tumor and bleeding also showed a bullet lodged in her spine. I couldn't believe it. This beautiful gentle dog had been shot.
She is at peace now and waiting for me when I cross. I'm always amazed at what I learn from these animals, gentleness, fun, caring, playfulness. I only hope I'm worthy of their love.
Rest In Peace my Beautiful Friend I know you will be there to greet me and show me the ropes when I cross.